LucasFilm Rumored to Announce Obi-Wan Live Action Series on Disney+

What Obi-Wan might be doing on Tatooine while guarding Luke

Much to fan anticipation, speculation and delight, it’s happening! It’s finally happening! This is not a drill! After years of fans expressing their interest in either an Obi-Wan movie or show, this old Jedi appears to be finally set to get his own currently untitled series set to release on Disney+. Not much is known outside of this, but more news is expected to be delivered at D23 next week. If the official announcement comes as believed, it is highly unlikely that it will debut in November when the app goes live. Prior to this, Ewan McGreggor had expressed a lot of interest in revisiting his version of the Obi-Wan character. Until now, however, that had been nothing but a hope and a dream.

What Fans Hope to See

Should this rumor turn out to be true, there are several things fans would love to see in the series in terms of representation on and off the screen. It is an opportune time for Lucasfilm to fill writing, producing, and directing roles with women and persons of color.  The same can be true for the actors to join McGregor, by creating a vast range of characters as possible with the possibilities including transgender people and aliens, along with bi, transexual, and individuals of varying races and colors. It’s a huge galaxy and depending on where Obi-Wan goes throughout the series, even if limited to Tatooine, to see different cultures which accept different ways of life be it in various cities, cantinas, or regions. It would be a chance to explore what some might consider taboo in one place as perfectly acceptable in another. Whether or not you agree with it is a different story and a personal matter. Simply the fact that it is there, overtly stated or not, is simply something fans would like to see.

Speculation on What is Known

As stated, not much is known about this project, simply that the chances are high it will be live-action and star Ewan McGregor as he reprises his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Details such as when in the Star Wars timeline it will take place, who will appear in the show with him, who will run/be in charge of it, and when it will be released are currently being kept under wraps. For years fans had been all but begging Lucasfilm to give them some sort of canon Obi-Wan stand-alone content. With this news, however, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites are going crazy with this confirmation. Finally, their desire appears to be finally satisfied.

Cover of Kenobi novel written by John Jackson Miller

Until more details about this series are released, let’s jump into Legends and explore a potential setting and timeline that could be used as a basis. In Kenobi, by John Jackson Miller, Obi-Wan simply attempts to live his life on Tatooine while watching over Luke, the story many Star Wars fans have become familiar with over the years. Something that fans are unfamiliar with, but is revealed in this story, is what kept ol’ Obi-Wan, “Ben” to those who knew of him, Kenobi, busy on a weekly basis; the various forms of trouble he ran into during his treks into town.

Without giving too much away in the event any part of this is used or referenced in the likely show, Obi-Wan struggles with remaining in hiding as simply Ben, versus helping those he runs across as a Jedi would. The heroic part of him, of course, wants to resume the Jedi mantle, while the logical part tells him that doing so would only end up causing more hurt in the end. Should he chose to be a Jedi once more, he would be forced to flee Tatooine and to go into hiding somewhere else, leaving Luke, the assumed galaxy’s last hope, completely unprotected.

What Can Be Safely Assumed

Even though there is still much to discover about this highly rumored show, there are a couple things that can be safely assumed depending on how many years prior to A New Hope this is set. It could have a limited run (much like The Mandalorian) or a long run (much like Clone Wars). More than that, it could follow the Legends novel or more likely, pull bits, pieces and ideas from it while telling its own story about Obi-Wan’s time on the desert planet. Also, nothing in canonical sources says he has to stay parked by the Lars Homestead. As long as he comes back to Tatooine by the end of the show, Obi-Wan could visit the other side of the planet or even different ones. All that is important is that there is at least a mention of him crossing paths with Ezra Bridger (from Rebels) should the series go that long.

No matter what happens with this show, fans eagerly await more information likely to be given at this year’s D23 Expo and leading up to its eventual release on the Disney+ streaming service.

Written by Megan
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