Presenting: SWRepMatters’ Latinx in Space Collection

motifs of poe dameron and torra doza's helmets from star wars

Today, SWRepMatters publicly launches its official store. Every once in a while, we are planning to create a couple designs specifically to raise money for an effort, and this month – which is Hispanic and Latinx Heritage month in the U.S. – I’m excited to launch the first of these efforts with our Latinx in Space duo designs. These designs will be available for purchase until October 15th.


Star Wars' Torra Doza's helmet as a motif above the words "Latinx in Space"

Are you an ace pilot?

I’m almost excited to say that nailing this effort down to just two characters was difficult. I love Bail Organa (played by Puerto Rican actor Jimmy Smits) and Ketsu Onyo (voiced by Cuban-American Afrolatina actress Gina Torres) has a great helmet, and, well, (Chilean actor Pedro Pascal as) The Mandalorian… who can resist?

But to start, I chose two characters who rather powerfully halted my daily life when their faces first appeared on screen. The Sequel Trilogy’s Poe Dameron, brought to life by Guatemalan and Cuban actor Oscar Isaac, basically shook up my entire family when we first saw him. Torra Doza from Star Wars Resistance, voiced by Mexican-American actress Myrna Velasco, is the first Latinx woman in Star Wars in a main cast role, and one of the coolest new characters from the animated side of the galaxy.

a black tanktop with a motif of poe dameron's helmet

For some real Resistance training.

Both Torra and Poe are stellar pilots, and that’s what drew me to making these designs. Their unmistakable helmets exist as icons of their wit, resourcefulness, determination and powerfully heroic personalities. Our Latinx in Space designs were meant to reflect that energy and bring it to life to inspire other fans.

Poe Dameron's helmet as a motif on a baby onesie with the caption "Latinx in Space"

For your little rebel.

The crew here at SWRepMatters has decided to donate all proceeds from this line to Freedom for Immigrantsto help in the fight against immigrant detention centers in the U.S.; this means quite a bit to me personally, which is why I suggested it in the first place. On October 15th, after the line comes down from our store, I will post a screenshot of the total donation on the official SWRepMatters twitter account.


But wait, there’s more! Along with the efforts above, I wanted to keep these designs as accessible as possible, no matter what your price point is. This is why I’ve made a set of square profile pictures and phone backgrounds, which are available for download here. If you use them, please consider sharing the link to our store as well so that everyone knows about this effort.

Star Wars' Torra Doza's helmet as a motif above the words "Latinx in Space" on a coffee mug

How do you take your caf?

I’m so excited to bring these designs to other Star Wars fans and celebrate the growing representation in our favorite saga, both behind the camera and in front of it. Representation Matters and it certainly looks good, too.